Lewis Zhang

Ten years of experience building products and leading teams for startups in Austin, Texas. Early adopter of Node.js, React and AWS. Strengths include frontend engineering, API service development and devops. Passionate about getting stuff done, mentoring teammates and shipping quality software. Looking to join a team that makes me a better developer.

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es6/2015, react, isomorphic app development, transpilation, client-side performance and security, css postprocessing (less)
AWS, jenkins, build automation and deployment, provisioning (saltstack, chef, puppet), docker containerization and management, continuous integration and testing, cloudformation
Data and ETL
sql, amazon redshift, relational dbs (postgres, mysql, sql server), workflow orchestration, hadoop administration, mongodb, elasticsearch
Open Source
https://github.com/civitaslearning/passport-lti, https://github.com/lzhang/docker-selenium, https://github.com/lzhang/docker-jenkins, https://github.com/awbush/coughphp, https://github.com/awbush/lightvc


Civitas Learning

Senior Software Engineer Sep 2011 - Nov 2015

Third engineering hire. Web applications, data processing, ETL, devops.

  • Bootstrapped, designed and developed multiple core products reaching thousands of educators, administrators and students
  • Spearheaded nodejs, React, isomorphic app development
  • Built custom ETL system processing terabytes of semi-structured higher education data
  • Created docker-centric automated testing and builds
  • Implemented AWS CloudFormation/EC2 based service management
  • Mentored and led project-focused engineering teams, instituted and defined best practices

Digital River

Lead Software Engineer Sep 2010 - Sep 2011

Compliance, security and digital commerce development

  • Led PCI/SOX compliance efforts, successfully passed audits
  • Migrated inhouse ERP, content management and ecommerce web properties to AWS
  • Built PCI compliant credit card data tokenization service

Journey Education Marketing

Manager of User Experience/Director of Brand Marketing Jul 2009 - Sep 2010

Ecommerce usability and user experience, Google adwords campaign analysis and management

  • Redesigned ecommerce property checkout flows, achieving meaningful lifts in conversion
  • Analyzed and optimized Google Adwords campaigns
  • Designed and implemented product detail, search and browse interfaces through A/B testing

Journey Education Marketing

Lead Software Engineer Mar 2009 - Jul 2010

ERP application development

  • Led the successful migration and rewrite of legacy ERP systems
  • Managed offshore Shanghai development team building Microsoft Dynamics AX custom extensions
  • Rewrote and integrated newly acquired ecommerce property Gradware.com from .NET to PHP

Academic Superstore

Software Engineer Dec 2006 - Mar 2009

Ecommerce application development

  • Refactored custom ERP purchasing system
  • Rewrote inhouse ecommerce content engine enabling novel pricing strategies and promotion
  • Migrated CVS codebases to dstributed version control bzr
  • Developed and open sourced SQL ORM CoughPHP and web framework LightVC with Anthony Bush


University of Texas at Austin

Bachelor of Science - Electrical Engineering